Babe Ruth Called His Shot New York Yankees Painting

It's true, babe ruth really did call his shot. It was the Yankees vs the Chicago Cubs in the world series. Babe Ruth pointed and the rest is history. He was indicating two strikes but still he pointed the the outfield and by God, he hit a whopper that cleared the seats. Babe Ruth really knew how to shove down those hot dogs and hit some home runs. The Wrigley field sections all couldn't believe it. The Chicago Cubs fans were having seizures at the sight.

Baseball was huge back then. Whenever Babe Ruth would hit a whopper that got out of the stadium they would do that. It was truly a sight to be had. This painting of Babe Ruth calling his shot won't be around for long.

You should get this painting for black Friday, or any Christmas gift for a brother, or father. 

Babe Ruth played baseball for the New York Yankees. We have a bunch more Lou Gehrig, Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle paintings on the shop site. So be sure to check them out.

Make your call just like the Babe did and get one today. 

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