About Us

ON2VICTORY is an art and apparel based brand that sells Baseball, Golf, Football, Hockey and Basketball Sports Shirts and Art.

ON2VICTORY also specializes in Music and Movies Paintings as well as Boxing art as well.

All artwork is made by critically acclaimed artist: Verrici.

About our Artwork

Our artwork is painted on high quality canvas and made with the best acryllic, and oil paints on the market. These paints have been proven to last for hundreds of years.

Our Art is painted by critically and commercially acclaimed artist: Verrici. Verrici art continues to gain in value as the years go on, and each Verrici original will rise in price and in value every year. Get yours before it's gone.

Premium Quality

The quality of our shirts is unparalleled. We use the best cotton, and the highest quality prints. Our expertise is clothing. We make sure the highest quality fabrics are used. We take great pride in quality products. We never send out an item if the quality doesn't pass our quality control team.

We Love Our Customers. 200,000 Fans Served & Counting!


"I couldn't believe how fast the shipping was! Excellent shirt!"

- D.F.
Austin, TX

"Verrici is the greatest sports artist I've ever come across. The Paintings look even better in person."

- B.R.
Miami, FL

“You guys are awesome! I'm in love with my new shirt. It looks great on me. I'm so happy .”

- C.T.
Yonkers, N.Y.

Our reputation is key to what we do in the apparel, snake rings and Sports art world. For years we have built up trust with our buyers. That trust has paid off. Our customer loyalty is some of the best around. We have repeat customers who can't wait until a new Art collection launch or a T-Shirt drop.

Charity & Commissioned Work

Verrici Art has made numerous contributions to fundraisers and celebrity charity auctions. We do commissioned work for many reputable organizations as well. All art commisioned is relating to celebrity, and Sports art. For more information about Verrici's Commissioned work feel free to reach out today. We're very interested in hearing from you.

What We Do & You

At ON2VICTORY we make the highest quality apparel and artwork. ON2VICTORY is ecstatic to have the highest quality graphic artists, molders and painters on hand to serve the customer the best way possible. Our artists are extremely important but... YOU are the most important piece of ON2VICTORY. The customer is the most important part of what we do here at ON2VICTORY.