About Verrici & His Art.

Over his long and illustrious career, Verrici has created a breathtaking portfolio of celebrity art.

In every stroke of the brush, Verrici demands that every painting is made to perfection.

Every detail of the artwork is perfected and enhanced by Verrici. This made to make sure the painting is flawless for the collector.

Most of all, Verrici takes great pride in capturing the emotion of his subjects. No matter if the subject matter of the art is Art is Taylor Swift, Derek Jeter or Michael Jordan. He makes sure the art is perfect in every detail.

Verrici is a perfectionist. He makes sure that every art piece is just as PERFECT as the next.


The artwork he creates is purposely painted to perfect the art in a way to match the distinguished careers of each athlete and celebrity he paints.

Verrici's passion for sports and art shows in each work he creates.

His intensity and passion for creating artwork shows on every inch of the canvas.

Verrici makes art purely for the passion for the work. He's a true artist that sacrifices nothing to capture the artwork he's trying to create.

Verrici's Masterpieces

Verrici's art captivates all of us with his intense emotion, and sincere originality which shows through every beautiful brush stroke on the canvas.

Verrici's goal is to present a piece that tells a story with each concept he puts on the blank canvas. This process involves realism, unique backgrounds make Verrici stand out in the industry above other artists.

It's about Time

Each piece tells a story that brings us back to our childhood. This could be our first game at the baseball stadium, or to a concert. No matter what the concept of the art Verrici is trying to capture he transports us to an emotional place on canvas.

Verrici lets you feel the time from every era in which he's painting. That could be from when the Beatles played at Shea Stadium to Babe Ruth posing as a Boston Red Sox Player before his contract was sold to the Yankees.

No matter what the subject matter is, Verrici's art tells time. It teleports you to the best times in human history. He showcases the best features of mankind. His Brush makes you feel the emotions of the subjects from back then. He opens a window back in time.

Verrici: A Brief Biography

Verrici has been painting and making art from a very early age. He's always had a passion for creating Entertainment and Sports art back as early as when he was a teenager.

Verrici's work has appeared in numerous cable channels and news outlets across the nation. Back in 2019 Verrici's work was featured on the YES network, Yankees Magazine, and the MLB Network. Verrici's art has been featured on numerous news outlets across the nation including stations in Seattle, Los Angeles, and New York City.

Verrici is from New York. His passion and drive to create stems from living and being a New Yorker. The inspiration he recieves to create great art has been unmatched anywhere he travels across the United States which he does quite often.

Just like fellow New Yorker Andy Warhol, Verrici is a pop culture fanatic. He's a die hard sports fan, and lover of all things music and movies.

Verrici loves to give back. He regularly gifts paintings to numerous reputable charities across the United States and Canada. If you have a reputable charity and you'd love to know more information about Verrici's philanthropy please contact us.

Verrici loves to tell stories with his work. His endless drive and passion to paint and tell a story everyday is what makes him the truest artist to the craft. Verrici doesn't tell stories through his art for the money of the legend. He does this exclusively for the passion of making art.

Many of Verrici’s original paintings have already sold, and will never be made available again. He loves to make art and move on to the next project as quickly as they are completed. He starves for more color and creativity.

For the past seven years Verrici art has been showing an upward trajectory. We're currently forecasting even higher demand for years to come, and an even higher value for his work in the next few years and well beyond. Verrici art has been steadily increasing in value as the years go on. Get yours now before the work you desire is gone for good.